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Spider Control

Effective Insect Removal in Treasure Valley in Idaho and Ventura & Barbara Counties in California

There are over 35,000 described species of spiders worldwide, with about 3,000 occurring in North America. Many species of spiders are classified as household pets. In the United States, only two spider groups are considered dangerous to man, the widow spiders and the recluse spiders.

At J&J Termite and Pest Control, we want your Ventura County or Treasure Valley home to be a spider-free zone! You should never have to worry about an 8-legged house guest overstaying their welcome. We can help rid your space of both common household spiders as well as your typical garden spider. 

If you're having issues with any of these pests, give our Ventura County office a call at (805) 900-4008 or our Treasure Valley office a call at (208) 408-1992. You can also send us a message online to get started!

Scents Spiders Hate

There are certain scents homeowners and business owners can use to repel spiders. Spiders hate the smell of citrus fruits, peppermint oil and vinegar. Using these scents around a house or business is an effective and easy way to keep spiders from coming inside. 

One home remedy some people use to keep their home spider free is cleaning with a vinegar infused with citrus. To do this leave orange peels in a cup of vinegar over night. The next morning mix the vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Simply use it as a cleaning agent or spray it around areas around the building spiders are likely to enter.


  • Black Widow Spider – the adult female are black with a reddish hourglass shaped marking on underside. Adult male usually have a color pattern on dorsal or upper surface, pattern variable but typically consists of a median row of red spots with white lines or bars radiating out to sides.
  • Brown Widow Spider – brown or grayish-brown color, abdomen with 3 white spots on top, with a median white band on rear, with 4 diagonal white bands on either side, and with a yellow to orange hourglass mark on underside. Recently established in southern California from San Diego to Los Angeles.
  • Brown Recluse Spider – color tan to dark brown, usually with a darker “violin” shaped marking on top.
Call 805-900-4008 or 208-408-1992 or contact us online to schedule an estimate and learn more about how we can help you!

Hear from Our Pest-Free Customers

  • “J&J was immediately in contact with me, was polite, professional, and highly communicative at all times, kept all his promises, offered a fair price for the inspection and repairs, and even helped me source a reliable local contractor.”

    Joe R.
  • “J&J Termite and Pest Control has taken care of my home for years. I have always found their service to be timely, professional, friendly and affordable. I trust them completely.”

    Robin H.
  • “If you are in the military, use this company! They offer a generous military discount.”

    Jessica L.
  • “Really glad we found them as they did some great work for a good price. Customer service was impeccable as well.”

    Jonathan J.
  • “They are the first guys I call when I have a critter issue (and out here we have them quite often) and we use their monthly service to make sure the rats don't come back. (They haven't.)”

    Robin H.
  • “After working with several different termite inspectors we were lucky to have found J&J as they had appointments available right away, they showed up on time, and had reports out the next day. Will no longer need to shop around. Thank you J&J!”

    Jessica P.
  • “J&J Termite was very professional, personal, and quick to respond to questions. Jim made it very easy and educated us on what to expect.”

    Jeff N.
  • “The crew at J&J are truly remarkable! We have been using their services for years. They are friendly and courteous!”

    Essie S.
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How To Get Rid of Spiders In Your Home

Spider Control is a 6-Step Process: 

(1) Inspection 

(2) Identification 

(3) Prevention 

(4) Sanitation 

(5) Mechanical Measures 

(6) Pesticide Application

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